Resale/Refinance Documents and Association Questionnaire

While most of the documents your mortgage company will need are posted somewhere on this website, either below or under About River Oaks, Rules & Policies, or Contact Us/Insurance.  However, the Association Questionnaire must be obtained via HomeWiseDocs. All other Association documents are also posted on Home Wise Docs, but there is a fee for each document.  The requester must create a free account to obtain the documents if the copies on the River Oaks website are not acceptable to the mortgage company.


REALTORS NOTE:  RIVER OAKS DOES NOT HAVE A TRASH COLLECTION FEE. We utilize county trash removal at no additional cost.

FHA-HUD Approval

FHA 08 07 2023.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 216.9 KB

Articles of Incorporation

River Oaks Articles of Incorporation
Defines the River Oaks Condominium Association, Inc., including the purpose and objectives of the corporation, the corporation's powers and duties to carry out the purpose and objectives, the scope of membership, and the manner in which the corporation is to be operated.
RO Articles of Incorporation.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 209.7 KB


River Oaks Declaration - Excel Cross Reference
A quick guide to our Declaration.
Microsoft Excel Table 33.0 KB
River Oaks Declaration-Full Original
Declares the creation of the condominium and defines the boundaries and establishment of the entire property and the latitude and longitude of each section of property. Pages 324-328 are the original Architectural Rules and Regulations.
RO Declaration.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 11.2 MB


River Oaks By-Laws
RO Bylaws.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.5 MB
This amendment pertains to leasing units.
Recorded Bylaw Amendments.pdf
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Insurance Documents

For the most updated information, go to Contact, Insurance Company  on this website or go to the Victory Management website, select Our Communities, River Oaks Condominiums and log into your account, then find Homeowner Documents.
The difference between an HO6 condo policy and a homeowners policy is that the homeowners policy provides coverage for the entire structure of the building.  When you own a condo, the building’s structure is covered by the master condo policy.

You should have a copy of your own HO6 policy or you should ask your insurance agent for it.


If you are financing or refinancing a mortgage or Home Equity Line of Credit, contact Deborah Dickerson, Agent for River Oaks account, CNR Insurance, Inc., 166 West Street, Annapolis, MD 21401-2824, Telephone:  1-410-897-9890 x225, Fax:  410-897-5957; or and she will provide you and your lender with certificates of insurance and proof of coverage required by lenders and banks.  The lender wants to see documents showing the name of the condo's insurance company, policy number, effective dates, amounts and nature of coverage on the building, number of units, borrower’s name, property address, full mortgagee clause, and loan number. Erie's certificates satisfy all of those requirements.