Paint Colors & Deck Stains

Exterior Paint Colors

McCormick Paints Exterior Color Collecti
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The colors listed here are generally from the McCormick Exterior Paint Color Chart above or the McCormick Exterior Collection website chart for the Colonial and Chesapeake Collections.   Only choose from those with a check mark beside them.  Color combinations may NOT be changed without prior Board approval via the Architectural Change Form process.  Note:  Some homes were done in Sherwin-Williams paint colors.


The list may not be 100% complete. For example, a few doors and shutters are black and white trim, but we have no further information.  The list was compiled by unit owners for the benefit of the community, based on original homeowner documents or observation.  The builder provided neither the original management company nor the Board of Directors with a list of the colors for any unit.  If you are not sure of your unit colors and cannot tell from the McCormick paint chart above, shave off a sample chip from an inconspicuous place, such as the base of your garage or house trim, and take it to be matched at the paint store.  Also, some neighbors have a pretty good eye for color and can advise you.



Green (220) – deeper/darker green (14 Millhaven Court)

Harpers Ferry (441) – lighter of the green family ( (68 Millhaven Court)

Williamsburg (227) – medium blue

Old Colonial Red (225) – burgundy (10 Millhaven Court)

Richmond (233) – red (6 Millhaven Court’s front door – shutters are Putty Hill)

For siding homes with Richmond Red doors and Putty Hill shutters, the Board encourages owners to submit a change form to paint the shutters Richmond Red.

Drum Hill Grey (472) – blue/grey color (8 Millhaven Court)

Putty Hill (442) – neutral off/white or cream color

Annapolis Grey (228) – lighter grey

Smokey Pewter (470) - grey

Black (200)


TRIM around the front door, bump outs, garage, sliding glass windows, rake boards (the boards underneath the SIDE roof lines), fascia boards (the wood facing underneath the FRONT roof line) and garage doors:


Wheat (108)
Amber White (101)

Colonial White (118)

Interior Colors

Interior Paint Colors-ORIGINAL


The original interior paint colors used by the builder were either "Cool Platinum" by McCormick or "New Look" by Sherwin Williams. 


Interiors may be painted any color.  This information is provided based on a request for the original colors.

Deck Stain

Stain and wood treatments for newly constructed or existing decks must be clear or brown earth tones. The composite wood color range is limited to brown earth tones, e.g., Woodtone by ChoiceDek, and Saddle and Madeira by Treks. Deck stain must match the fence stain. No redwood stain is permitted.