Deferred Water and Sewer/Front Foot Utility Assessment Charge

This charge is used to recover the County’s cost of constructing the water and sewer lateral lines including grinder pumps and pumping stations when needed.  The Anne Arundel County Financial Services Division determines the amount of the front foot assessment by adding the front (abutting) property dimension to the rear dimension and dividing the total by two.

The charge commenced on the initial settlement date from a builder to the first homeowner.  These charges will terminate 33 years following the commencement date unless prepaid in full without penalty.  In other words, the charge is placed on each home in the community and transfers with the sale of the property.  
The yearly assessment fee of $300 is due by January 31st each year. You will receive a notice in the mail in late November or early December from a utility billing company. Please read carefully the options for paying the bill. 
River Oaks owners receive an annual bill from a utility billing company that can be paid directly to the utility billing service or via mortgage company to hold funds in escrow and pay the bill each year. 
Anne Arundel County Customer Update (2004) - Understanding Utility Easements

The billing company and address is not the same for all residents.  One address for SOME residents to mail a coupon received in the mail is:

Utility Funding LLC
c/o Billing & Management Services, LLC
PO Box 96711
Washington, DC 20090-6711


If your payment is due to Utility Funding LLC, c/o Billing and Management Services and you use your bank's bill-pay service, you must send the payment to the corporate office address at 3414 Morningwood Drive, Olney, MD 20832 because without the tear-off portion of the invoice, the bank's lockbox system is unable to properly apply your payment. You also have the option with Billing and Management Services LLC of using a credit card by paying a $10 account fee. Visit for more information.


If you lose your original bill or envelope, payment can still be made online, by mail or in person:

Online: Use this link to enter your address and find your bill. There is a $2.75 convenience fee for paying online:

By mail:

PO BOX 17003
BALTIMORE, MD 21297-1003

In person:
44 Calvert Street
Annapolis, MD 21401

Questions regarding Real Estate Property Tax, Personal Property Tax, Front Foot Assessment, and Water and Sewer bills can be directed to Anne Arundel County customer service representatives by calling (410) 222-1144 during normal hours of operation or by filling out their online Customer Service Form.