Lintels (Brick homes only) - Suggested color is Flower Pot (6334), all-surface low sheen by Sherwin-Williams.  The lintel is the horizontal metal crosspiece that supports the brickwork over the doors, windows, and garage doors. Eventually they will peel and/or rust and will need to be painted. If you would like to see the above paint color and/or get more information, view 58 Millhaven Ct or 8 Millhaven Ct.  In addition, in July, 2009, a group project was organized to have the lintels painted by Matt Wilson, Fine Lines Painting.  Click here to read the comments on the "Vendors We Like" page, under PAINTING, FINE LINES PAINTING, July, 2009.

Gas Line Boxes

Gas line pipes: "Rusty gas line" is one of our maintenance items inspected each year. According to a BG&E service technician:

  • You are responsible for gas line pipes that run from the gas meter into your home.
  • You can remove rust with a wire brush.
  • You don't have to be a perfectionist when removing the rust if you plan to paint the meter because Rust-Oleum (recommended by BG&E) has sealing properties. Rust-Oleum recommends applying a primer coat.
  • If you plan to paint the meter, an Architectural Change Application (ACA) is required before painting because this is an exterior change under the By-Laws and Architectural Rules. 
  • BG&E does not require that you use any particular color but the Board will allow you to either match the color of your brick front units or siding or stay with the standard gray already on the meter.
  • If you choose to paint the meter, protect the dial with tape so you don't get paint on it.
  • If you are unsure about painting your gas line, call BG&E; they will come out and advise you at no charge.
  • BG&E asks that you keep vegetation at least 3 feet away from the meter to facilitate reading it.