Surveys & Polls

Parking Policy & Enforcement Procedures - September 2017

The River Oaks Parking Policy and Enforcement Procedures need to be updated and we wanted your input.  Thirty-six (36) owners/residents responded and we appreciate their time and the comments received.

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Solar Installation Poll - closed in August 2017

This poll is now closed.  The Board was interested in gauging what residents thought about the appearance of the solar installations that have been installed in the community.  Of the 145 responses, the vast majority felt that solar panels and adjunct equipment, if on the front of the house, did not detract from the appearance of the community.  As of 11/25/2015, six homes had installed solar panels and one ACA was pending.  If you have not seen these installations, there are three on Millhaven Drive, two on Tilden Way and one on Braxton Way.  See if you can spot them!

The Board worked with Solar City to develop installation guidelines for the various home configurations in River Oaks.  The guidelines cover how the electrical conduit will be configured from the roof panels to the control box inside a garage or, absent a garage, inside the home, and the options for placement of the Quick Disconnect box required by the county. The Board wanted to insure that installations are consistent regardless of which company does the installation. This also reduces the burden on the unit owner by ensuring that the ACA process will be smooth. 

Lamp Post Poll - closed in October 2011

We asked what you thought should be done to keep the lamp posts ON between sunset and sunrise.  65 voters responded, more than 25% of the community for our first online poll.  The results are not binding, but they do give a sense of the community for the Board's decision-making process. This is one way for each owner to have a voice in how the community operates.

  •  43% (28) voted to amend the By-Laws to make the Association responsible for maintaining all lamp post bulbs, sensors and wiring, excluding electricity costs, and include this cost in the Association's budget.
  • 34% (22) voted to do nothing, that it is the owner's/resident's choice.
  • 14% (9) voted to make a rule and fine the owner if the lamp post is not operated.
  • 6% (4) voted OTHER, but only one specific alternative solution was offered, i.e., to rewire the lamp posts to a single switch inside each unit and not rely on the sensor.
  • 3% (2) voted to make a rule and bill individual unit owner for Association maintenance of bulbs, sensor, and wiring.