Snow Guidelines

Anne Arundel County Storm Events
What to expect from the Department of Public Works following any severe weather event.
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Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works Snow Information - Call 1-410-222-1933 or visit the DPW Snow Information website.


GENERAL:  CS Lawn and Landscape, Inc., (CS) our landscaping company, will push and remove snow for River Oaks.  They will not plow until the snow is at least THREE inches deep. Teams will clear sidewalks, intersections, and access ramps in the common areas and push snow to the ends of the streets.   CS will work as long as necessary to clear as much from the roadways as possible, starting with a single lane down each street. 


CS is working with the Board to develop a snow pushing plan that will designate certain areas as repositories for snow removal.  This will restrict parking in those areas during a "snow event."  Signs will be posted and cones deployed in the event of snow to alert residents and guests about temporarily prohibited parking areas. 


If the snow becomes rock hard in areas already shoveled or plowed, CS will exercise extra caution before clearing the large "boulders".  The Board in consultation with CS will decide if tractors are to be used in these areas to help with the clearing. In exceptionally poor general traffic conditions, it is possible that they would have trouble getting to River Oaks and be unable to bring heavy lift tractor(s) if needed.


If winter storm warnings are issued with considerable accumulation predicted, pre-salting of the roadways may be recommended to minimize the amount of ice formed at the beginning of the storm. 


We need to work together when clearing snow from walkways and vehicles.  Please consider good neighboring for those not able to get out with their shovels and brooms.


Patience, cooperation, and safety are always the "words of the day."


The Board and/or the Architectural Control & Landscaping Committee will do their best to keep the community informed about snow clearing operations via the community email group.  If you have not joined the email group yet, please send your email address to Bev Wright or submit your full contact information via the Submit/Update Contact Info form on this website.


SAFETY:  LOOK UP!  When outside around your unit, especially when clearing off upper deck areas and backyard patios, please be aware of what's above you. Our roofs can quickly become covered in snow and mounds of snow and sharp icicles can form on window frames, gutters, and roof edges, just waiting for the right amount of heat to melt.  Gravity will bring these in only one direction-down! 


Watch your children and pets during snow clearing. The operators are concentrating on what the machines are doing and may not see everything behind or beside them.


SIDEWALKS-UPDATE 01/2014:  CS will clear walkways in the common areas but the walkways and driveway aprons in front of your unit are your responsibility unless you are notified otherwise by the Board of Directors or the Architectural Control and Landscaping Chairman.  In 2012, our landscape contractor cleared them because of the massive amount of snow, and in 2013, we had no snow to clear.  If CS clears the sidewalks in front of individual units, they will make every effort to avoid blowing sidewalk snow back onto individual properties, but this cannot be guaranteed. CS is open to working with individual owners for a fee to clear walkways and garage unit driveways to individual front doors or the walkway from the main sidewalk to a front door for non-garage units. For individual contract snow removal, call Chuck Saine, 1-(410) 643-5404 or 1-(410) 721-4873, or


STREETS & PARKING:  If you or your visitors own a vehicle parked on the street where the crews will be working, please be kind and move the vehicle temporarily to another parking area or to your own or a neighbor's unused driveway while the clean-up is ongoing. CS is always concerned about working around vehicles parked in the roadway and will exercise care and patience not to create conditions around those vehicles that could potentially inflict any damage.


If you have an empty driveway, any assistance that you can provide to those with vehicles parked on the street, to enable them to put their vehicles in the driveway temporarily, will greatly help the clearing process.


TRASH COLLECTION: After a major storm, it is likely that trash collection will be delayed by at least a day. Although the Board makes every attempt to notify the River Oaks Email Group if trash collection is delayed, you are requested to confirm for yourself when collection will occur so as not to deposit your trash and/or recyclables sooner than the night before collection. Trash and recyclables sitting on snowy and icy curbs and sidewalks for an extra day or two dangerously impedes pedestrian and vehicular traffic. 


QUESTIONS/CONCERNS:  Inasmuch as VMI is not on-site, the Architectural Control & Landscaping Committee and the Board oversee these operations themselves, so your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated. If you have questions or concerns about snow pushing and/or removal, please  email Mirga Dulys, Property Manager.