Siding Replacement

There are several situations that could lead to the need to replace one or a few pieces of siding. However, matching the siding is difficult due to discoloration and the original siding not being available anymore.  The Board has no specific information about the original siding. However, there is a list of original installers on a paper inside the circuit breaker box of every unit and the siding installer is listed. Siding, Inc. was an original installer and their contact information is below.


SIDING, INC., 410-266-5546. "Fast, reliable, and does great work!" are the comments from an owner who had some siding replaced (by Rick) in February, 2009. Original siding installer for many homes in River Oaks. 


The Vendors We Like page contains the names of other siding contractors.


If only one piece of siding needs to be replaced and the site of the replacement is a prominent spot, such as on the front of the house, try using a piece of siding from a less visible spot and replacing the siding in the less visible spot with the best matching new piece that you can locate.