Board of Directors & Committees

Office/Committee Name Board Member
President/Treasurer Sean Segreti
Vice President Ann Vallandingham
Member-at-Large Jyl Dupont
Member-at-Large Margaret Pi
Architectural Control & Landscaping All Board Members
By-Laws/Rules/Regs All Board Members

The association needs and welcomes volunteers to assist with certain aspects of managing our community.  Please contact our property manager, Mirga Dulys, for information on the types of assistance desired as well as serving as a Board member. 

Architectural Control & Landscaping

The Board of Directors manages Architectural Control and Landscaping matters, including reviewing and issuing decisions on Architectural Change Applications (ACA) and ensuring that the General Common Elements are maintained in accordance with contracts.  ACA's must first be submitted to Mirga Dulys, VMI Property Manager. Once they are logged in at VMI, they are forwarded to the Board for review and action.

By-Laws (Rules & Regulations)

The Board reviews and recommends changes to the Rules and Regulations and the By-Laws. For more information, contact Mirga Dulys, VMI Property Manager.

Finance (Budget/Contracts)

Our Treasurer reviews our finances and contracts, and maintains regular liaison with our management company and our attorney relative to collecting outstanding assessments.  If you have concerns regarding the budget or River Oaks finances in general, please contact Mirga Dulys, VMI Property Manager.

Parking & Towing

The Board handles questions or concerns about parking and maintains contact with the towing company. If you would like to assist with reviewing the parking rules and policies, or suggest improvements, contact Mirga Dulys.