As our units age, the shutters become loose and can blow off in high winds.  If this happens, there is a good chance that you will need to replace them. Unfortunately, the current style is no longer available, so if you must replace one shutter, you must replace them all. 


At the March 2011 Board meeting, the Board approved a single replacement style.  There are actually two sizes on each home, large and small.  You do not need to submit an ACA to replace your shutters, but they must be replaced with the approved styles below.


Unfortunately, they are no longer available from Lowe's, so we have to find a new source or a similar stye from another vendor.  We will update this page as soon as new information is available.  IF YOU FIND THE SHUTTERS SOMEWHERE, PLEASE LET US KNOW!



Click each item to be taken to the Lowe's website FOR INFORMATION ONLY AS TO THE APPROVED STYLE/PART NUMBER.