Forms and Applications

All the forms and applications applicable to River Oaks are now available to you via your account on VMI's website. CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON SETTING UP YOUR WEB ACCOUNT.


Victory Management - Communities - River Oaks

Use the above link to update your profile, set up and access your own account information, pay your dues online, submit Architectural Change Applications, find association documents, track violation notices and work orders.


Mailing Address for Monthly Condo Dues Coupons:
Payee:      River Oaks c/o Victory Management
Address:  PO Box 1610, Commerce, GA 30529
Bank routing number:  7021 000100


RESALE Package or REFINANCE Questionnaire - Click Here


Architectural Change Application For all exterior changes to a unit, including removal and installation of landscaping (other than annual flowers/plants.)  MUST be submitted to the management company IN ADVANCE of any modification and approved before modification is made. Failure to obtain advance approval is a violation of the By-Laws and Rules and Regulations.


Lease Addendum - Unit owners who rent out their units must execute this addendum and return to the management company.


Solar Panel Indemnification Agreement - Unit owner should print this agreement and submit to the management company with their Architectural Change Application to install solar panels on their roof.  Click here for more information on Solar Installations.


If you are not able set up your account or wish to submit any of the below forms, contact Mirga Dulys at