River Oaks Safety & Security Reports

June 5, 2013 - VEHICLES "RUMMAGED". At least 3 vehicles were rummaged. Please make sure you keep your doors locked.


April 24 and 25, 2012 - THEFTS FROM VEHICLES.  One neighbor on Millhaven Drive and one on Millhaven Court reported items stolen from their unlocked vehicles.  Both incidents occurred late at night and were not discovered until the next day.


January 12, 2012 - TIRE SLASHED.  A neighbor on Tilden Way reported that one her SUV tires was slashed. Upon hearing this report, another Tilden Way neighbor a few doors away reported finding a 2-inch gash on the front face of her vehicle tire a couple of months ago. It is unknown if the two incidents are related.


March, 2011-SIDING DAMAGE.  A neighbor on the East/SE, even-numbered side of Tilden Way (190-238) just reported that they recently replaced 3 sections of siding on the back of the house around and above the kitchen window because there were holes in them.  The siding company advised the owner that the holes possibly came from a BB gun.  The owner says that it may have happened in the past month or so and could have been fired off from the hill behind the house or perhaps from further inside the community backing up to River Oaks. The owner is reporting the incident to the police and if you live in one of those units, you might inspect your siding and if you determine that you also have damage, please report it to the police. That way, the police will track the incidents and possibly catch a culprit if there is one.

December 26-27,2009 - GAZEBO VANDALISM.  Sometime during the late night/early morning hours, the gazebo at the Tot Lot was vandalized.  The damage was discovered around 11 AM on December 27, 2009 and a police report was filed.  In addition, a sweatshirt jacket was found at the scene.  If you have information on this crime, please contact the Anne Arundel County Police and also our property manager, VMI. NOTE:  The Tot Lot is CLOSED from dusk to dawn other than for official community events. Therefore, anyone found there during those hours can be charged with Trespassing. Residents are urged to call the police if they see/hear anything in the Tot Lot after dark.

November 26-30, 2009 - LAMP POST VANDALISM Sometime during the holiday weekend, at least two lamp post fixtures on Millhaven Drive were smashed, with glass panes and bulbs broken.  If you have any information about this incident or were victimized, please report this crime to the Anne Arundel County Police Department via telephone or the Online Crime Reporting Form.


October 1, 2009 - VEHICLE STRUCK.  Sometime during the early morning hours, a blue Infinity owned by a Millhaven Drive resident was struck in the rear.  The car was parked on Millhaven Drive below the mailbox and was pushed four to six feet further down toward Braxton Way and up onto the curb and sidewalk.  No notes were left.  This was noticed around 7:10 AM.  The police were called and the owner showed up at the car and the police took a report.  There is nothing the police can do other than take a report unless someone has additional information or perhaps saw or heard this incident.  If anyone has information to report or sees front right side damage to another vehicle in the community, please contact the Anne Arundel County Police Department at 410-222-1961 and they will investigate.


September 23, 2009 - LOITERING. There have been several people loitering around our neighborhood at various times of the day/night who do not live in River Oaks. Please call the police and report anything you may think is strange. One person in particular may be wanted by the police for questioning, his description is as follows: Very pale white skinned teenager about 5' 6" to 5' 8" about 125-140 lbs, very thin, baggy clothes some tattoos and a baseball cap tilted to the right, very little to no hair. Also a it's very important that you secure your home when you are not there.  Although we live in a nice neighborhood, burglaries do happen.  Please keep access to your home secure.


If you see people whom appear to be "wandering around", please call 911 and ask that a police officer come by. Hopefully they will find and be able to interview the person(s).  If those persons do not belong here, they would be trespassing and can be banned from the community.  We have official "banning letters" which go on file with the police.  Keen observations by neighbors will help keep our community peaceful and safe.  In addition, we ask that, if you do make a report, and are comfortable about giving your name please do so.  Remaining anonymous makes it incredibly difficult for the police to do anything for us, if the vandals are not caught in "action."  A witness helps them tremendously with their case and our ability to get information from the police.


August, 2009 - CHILDREN & SAFE PLAY. It's that time of year when children run, ride bikes, and skateboard, but kids need to "play it safe" by playing in the parks or on the sidewalks, not in the middle of street or on other people's property.  Young children often think they are invincible. The sidewalks are wide enough to run and ride on, and are a lot safer than the streets.  Cars have been speeding through the neighborhood lately and we've notified the police about that activity, but we need to do whatever we can to avoid accidents and injuries.  It is also important that young children not play or ride bikes in driveways unless it is with homeowner permission.  Homeowners have serious liability concerns should someone's child get hurt on another owner's property.  We do not wish to bottle up the playfulness of the little ones, only request that they take safety precautions and respect the property of others.


July 29, 2009 - VEHICLES "KEYED" 5 cars on Tilden Way were damaged by "keying". The attackers hit a Mercedes, a Cadillac, and an SUV, among others.  We don't know if any others were marked up anywhere else.  Two reports were called into 911 and the police are taking reports from victims. Please check your cars and if you have damage, contact the police at the non-emergency number. In connection with the vandalism and in an effort to keep tabs as to who might be in the community who does not reside here, we are asking if anyone saw one or more persons outside late in the evening who might have been responsible for this vandalism.  If so, please report that to us and to the police (911) and reference the River Oaks car vandalism reports of today.  It doesn't matter if you can't identify the person(s) whom might have been loitering, but it will be useful to know where and at what time you observed them.  We're talking about late at night, not dog walkers or persons exercising after dark.