Parking Policies and Towing

ROCA Parking Policies - Updated 03-2018.
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Vehicle parking in River Oaks is at a premium, especially for visitors.  Please observe the rules in the full and complete version of the "ROCA Parking Policies" which can be downloaded from the link above so that everyone has adequate and safe parking. Please contact Mirga Dulys at VMI with questions or concerns about the parking policies or these guidelines.  Portions of the rules have been excerpted below for your convenience.

Parking Spaces

1. Numbered parking spaces are reserved for the corresponding residence. 


Contact VMI at 1-443-249-0172 to report an unauthorized vehicle in a numbered parking space. After business hours, call 1-410-288-7682 to reach the answering service.


In order for any action to be taken, you must provide the make, model, color, and license plate of the vehicle, and the number of the spot in which the vehicle is parked.

2. Un-numbered parking spaces are open to residents and guests.


3. Residents are responsible for advising their visitors where to park in the neighborhood. Visitors should park in your driveway, your assigned space, or parking specifically designated for VISITORS or not otherwise assigned.

Temporary Waiver

If you would like to request a temporary waiver of the Commercial Vehicle or other parking policy, please email Mirga Dulys IN ADVANCE and explain your situation. Examples include, but are not limited to, limited duration overnight parking for a commercial vehicle while renovations are underway or limited duration overnight parking for a small recreational vehicle occupied by visiting family members. This would NOT include commercial or recreational vehicles parked in driveways or along curbs during the same day.  Only OVERNIGHT parking of such vehicles to the next day is prohibited. Requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis and reasonable attempts will be made to accommodate such requests, but approval is not guaranteed regardless of prior approvals.  Questions should be directed to Mirga at Victory Management (VMI).

"No Parking" Areas

Sidewalks.   No parking ON the sidewalks, either up over the curb or overhanging a driveway - see photos! The sidewalk starts at the seam where the curb ends. This is a violation of Maryland and Anne Arundel law as well as River Oaks By-Laws and Parking Policies. Sidewalk parking causes unnecessary wear and tear on the sidewalks which are not reinforced like driveways, makes it difficult or impossible for people to walk safely, and creates an unsightly appearance in the neighborhood. This is a violation of the By-Laws, Section 3 (j) which states, "No motorized vehicle may be used or maintained on the yard or sidewalks of any Unit..."  Furthermore, this is a violation of Anne Arundel County Code, Title 12, Article 3, Section 102, as well as MD Code Section 21-1003 (c).

§ 21-1003. Stopping, standing, or parking prohibited in specified places.

(c) Sidewalks.- A person may not stop, stand, or park a vehicle on a sidewalk

If a vehicle is repeatedly parking on the sidewalk, please email Mirga Dulys. VMI, with the make, model, color, and license plate of the vehicle, the specific location of the sidewalk on which the vehicle is parked, and if you know which unit the vehicle is visiting or with whom it is associated.


Fire Lanes/Yellow Curbs/Mailboxes
Marked by the community to ensure that emergency vehicles have sufficient space to respond to emergencies and so that the USPS can deliver the mail.  The USPS carrier may not deliver if a mailbox is blocked with a vehicle. Vehicles parked in front of mailboxes also block residents from obtaining their mail.  These rules apply 24/7. 


In front of someone else's driveway without their permission. This is a violation of Anne Arundel County Code Title 12, Article 3, Section 105. 


Grass. Damages fragile landscaping and creates an unsightly appearance in the neighborhood.  Contact VMI at 1-443-249-0172 to report a vehicle parked on the grass. In order for any action to be taken, you must provide the make, model, color, and license plate of the vehicle, and the location of the grassy area upon which the vehicle is parked.


Parked Against the Flow of Traffic.  The Anne Arundel County Police will ticket any cars that they observe parked against the flow of traffic, i.e., facing the wrong direction with the driver's side along the curb.


The Association property is posted with the name and number of the towing company.   Top Notch Towing is located at 2045 Herndon Avenue, Annapolis, MD.
If the issue is urgent, call 911 for the police. Please see the information from the Anne Arundel County Police at the end of this section.
If your vehicle is not where you left it, contact the Anne Arundel County Police at 1-410-222-8610 and they will advise if the vehicle has been towed.

If you experience an issue that needs relief from a parked vehicle in the community, please call Victory Management, 1-443-249-0172 ext. 13, or after business hours 1-410-288-7682, or email our property manager,  Mirga Dulys and advise her of the situation. Top Notch Towing will tow upon authorization of Mirga Dulys or a Board member.


The procedure is as follows:

  1. Call Victory Management  1-443-249-0172 Ext 13 or email Mirga Dulys at
  2. Provide vehicle tag number, including expiration, color, make/model, and location of the vehicle. A photo of the rear tag and entire vehicle would also be extremely helpful.
  3. The location of the vehicle will be, e.g.: Millhaven Drive (runs north and south), Braxton (east and west), Millhaven Court (east and west) and Tilden Way is a loop.  What is it near? What unit number is close or what intersection, etc.?
  4. Victory Management or the Board will make the determination as to the need or propriety for requesting Top Notch Towing to tow a vehicle. Victory is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  They are not available on weekends or at night. On weekends or at night, call 1-410-288-7682

Vehicle owners are responsible for any towing/storage fees.


Violations Subject to Towing Without Notice. Any vehicle parked or standing in the following manner may be towed without a warning notice (sticker) or other advance notice to the vehicle’s owner:

a.  preventing mail delivery by the United States Postal Service;

b.  preventing entrance or exit from a parking space;

c.   preventing entry into or exit from a driveway, except a Unit Owner’s or tenant’s own driveway;

d.  in a numbered parking space without authorization of the respective Unit Owner, resident or tenant;

e.  preventing the normal flow of traffic on the streets;

f.   in a “No Parking” or “Fire Lane” zone as indicated by a painted yellow curb, regulated by a “No Parking” sign, or beside an announcement of a “snow event/emergency;”

g.  preventing an emergency response vehicle from responding to an emergency within the Condominium;

h.  constituting a safety hazard as determined by the Board of Directors, in its sole discretion;

i.    sounding a security alarm for more than fifteen (15) consecutive minutes;  

j.    on the second (2nd) occurrence of the same violation for a warning notice has been issued.


Anne Arundel County Police provided the following information about emergency parking situations.

1) Private companies can enforce parking rules in accordance with §11-16 Subtitle 4 - Nonconsensual Towing in any parking spaces/private property.   The towing company should be aware of what violations they can/cannot enforce but they will always need an authorized Board member or property manager to authorize tows that they do handle.

2) “Under what circumstances will the police tow a car from our private community?” 

These situations could include entirely blocking a roadway, blocking a car from exiting a driveway/parking space/garage, blocking access to a mailbox, or creating an imminent safety hazard.  The decision rests with the responding officer or his supervisor and entails more than the offending vehicle being an inconvenience.

3) “Who can call the police?”  Anyone can call in a parking violation.  If the offender is accused of blocking someone in, the affected person will have to identify themselves to the officer.  Either 1-911 or 1-410-222-8610 will connect them with police dispatchers.

Private community parking issues have become a sensitive topic and the Police Department is bound by various recent legal opinions and sometimes vague statutes. We will assist your community in any legal way available to address these issues as they arise.

Commercial Vehicles

Only vehicles not prohibited by the Parking Policies and Enforcement Procedures shall be parked or stored in or on any Common Element. There is no General Common Element designated for RV's, boats, trailers, or commercial vehicles.  The Board knows that several residents have commercial "take-home" vehicles, either because they are "on call" or because their company provides this as a benefit. We can empathize but not authorize those vehicles to park in the community. 


Commercial vehicles are defined as any vehicle:


a.   with visible exterior logos, signs, lettering, numbers, advertising;

b.   used to store or sell food;

c.   used for transporting lawn-care or landscaping equipment;

d.   licensed for use as a common or contract carrier;

e.   for hire, such as limousines, hearses and taxis;

f.    used as a private or public school bus;

g.   with ladders, ladder racks and/or glass racks attached to or stored on the outside of the vehicle;

h    in or on which flammable liquids or hazardous materials are stored, other than the fuel which is used by the vehicle itself;

i.    with construction equipment openly stored;

j.    wreckers, tow trucks, flatbed trucks and stake body trucks;

k.   with commercial paraphernalia or equipment attached, strapped, or affixed to the exterior of the vehicle, including, but not limited to, storage containers or pipes;

l.    truck or van designated for the transport of furniture, equipment or animals, or scheduled transportation, such as moving vans;

m.  agricultural, industrial or similar machinery or equipment.