Parking Policies and Towing Procedures

Parking Policy & Enforcement Procedures
Parking Policy & Enforcement Procedures
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Vehicle parking in River Oaks is at a premium, especially for visitors.  Please observe the rules which are included in the "Parking Policies and Enforcement Procedures" so that everyone has adequate and safe parking. Please contact Mirga Dulys at VMI with questions or concerns about the parking policies or these guidelines.

Parking Spaces/Temporary Waiver

1. Numbered parking spaces are reserved for the corresponding residence. Contact VMI at 443-249-0172 to report an unauthorized vehicle in a numbered parking space.  In order for any action to be taken, you must provide the make, model, color, and license plate of the vehicle, and the number of the spot in which the vehicle is parked.

2. Un-numbered parking spaces are open to residents and guests.


3. Residents are responsible for advising their visitors where to park in the neighborhood. Visitors should park in your driveway, your assigned space, or parking specifically designated for VISITORS or not otherwise assigned.


TEMPORARY WAIVER:  If you would like to request a temporary waiver of the Commercial Vehicle or other parking policy, please email Mirga Dulys IN ADVANCE and explain your situation. Examples include, but are not limited to, limited duration overnight parking for a commercial vehicle while renovations are underway or limited duration overnight parking for a small recreational vehicle occupied by visiting family members. This would NOT include commercial or recreational vehicles parked in driveways or along curbs during the same day.  Only OVERNIGHT parking of such vehicles to the next day is prohibited. Requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis and reasonable attempts will be made to accommodate such requests, but approval is not guaranteed regardless of prior approvals.  Questions should be directed to Mirga at Victory Management (VMI).

"No Parking" Areas

Sidewalks.   No parking on the sidewalks, either parallel to the curb or overhanging a driveway! The sidewalk starts at the seam where the curb ends. This is a violation of Maryland and Anne Arundel law as well as River Oaks By-Laws and Parking Policies. Sidewalk parking causes unnecessary wear and tear on the sidewalks which are not reinforced like driveways, makes it difficult or impossible for people to walk safely, and creates an unsightly appearance in the neighborhood. This is a violation of the By-Laws, Section 3 (j) which states, "No motorized vehicle may be used or maintained on the yard or sidewalks of any Unit..."  Furthermore, this is a violation of Anne Arundel County Code, Title 12, Article 3, Section 102, as well as MD Code Section 21-1003 (c).

§ 21-1003. Stopping, standing, or parking prohibited in specified places.

(c) Sidewalks.- A person may not stop, stand, or park a vehicle on a sidewalk

Although the country does not tow for this violation, this provides sufficient justification for the Association to contact Chesapeake Exxon to tow a vehicle on the sidewalk.


If a vehicle is repeatedly parking on the sidewalk, please email Mirga Dulys. VMI, with the make, model, color, and license plate of the vehicle, the specific location of the sidewalk on which the vehicle is parked, and if you know which unit the vehicle is visiting or with whom it is associated.


Fire Lanes/Yellow Curbs/Mailboxes These areas are marked by the community to ensure that emergency vehicles have sufficient space to respond to emergencies and so that the USPS can deliver the mail.  The USPS carrier may not deliver if a mailbox is blocked with a vehicle. Vehicles parked in front of mailboxes also block residents from obtaining their mail.  These rules apply 24/7. 


In front of someone else's driveway without their permission. This is a violation of Anne Arundel County Code Title 12, Article 3, Section 105. 


Grass. Damages fragile landscaping and creates an unsightly appearance in the neighborhood.  Contact VMI at 443-249-0172 to report a vehicle parked on the grass. In order for any action to be taken, you must provide the make, model, color, and license plate of the vehicle, and the location of the grassy area upon which the vehicle is parked.


The Association property is posted with the name and number of the towing company. 

Chesapeake Exxon is located across from the Annapolis Mall. Towing hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  They will not tow outside of these hours. Tow trucks will not be randomly roaming through River Oaks looking for violators.

If the issue is urgent, call 911 for the police. Please, it has to be an emergency, not an annoyance.

If your vehicle is not where you left it, contact the Anne Arundel County police at 410-222-8610 and they will advise if the vehicle has been towed.


If you experience an issue that needs relief from a parked vehicle in the community, you must call Victory Management, 443-249-0172 ext. 13 and advise Mirga Dulys, our property manager of the situation. Chesapeake Towing will only tow upon authorization of Mirga Dulys. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Call or text Victory Management of a parking issue 443-249-0172 Ext 13. 
  2. You will need to indicate the vehicle tag number, including expiration, the color and make/model of the vehicle. Victory Management is the only authority allowed to order the towing company. Board members cannot do this.
  3. The location of the vehicle will be required e.g.: Millhaven Drive (runs north and south), Braxton (east and west), Millhaven Court (east and west) and Tilden Way is a loop.  What is it near? What unit number is close or what intersection, etc.?
  4. Victory Management will make the determination as to the need, or propriety for requesting Exxon Towing to come out. They will not be available on weekends or at night.
It will cost the community $300.00 each time Exxon is called out to the community. Therefore it is imperative that all other avenues of resolution have been exhausted, such as asking around as to whom the vehicle belongs. 

The owner of the vehicle will be charged $175.00 to get the vehicle released, plus $25.00 per day storage fee for each day they fail to pick up the vehicle.

If the offending vehicle is a unit owner or resident of the ROCA, that $300.00 charge will be assessed to them.

Violations Subject to Towing
.  Any vehicle in violation of these rules in the following manner MAY be towed.
  • parked in a fire lane, on a yellow curb, or in front of a mailbox;
  • in violation of the same rule on more than ONE occasion - one warning will be issued and then a car may be towed without notice;
  • preventing the normal flow of traffic on the streets;
  • preventing entrance or exit from a parking space, driveway, or garage;
  • preventing an emergency response vehicle from responding to an emergency within the Condominium;
  • constituting a safety hazard as determined by the Board of Directors in its sole discretion;
  • security alarm allowed to sound for more than fifteen (15) consecutive minutes;
  • parked in an assigned parking space without authorization by the Unit Owner to whom the parking space has been assigned
Please ensure that you and your guests abide by the Rules and Regulations that the community has developed for parking.  Do not allow a guest to park on the sidewalk, in someone else’s parking space, in front of someone's driveway or on the yellow curbing.

Commercial Vehicles

4. Only vehicles not prohibited by the Parking Policies and Enforcement Procedures shall be parked or stored in or on any Common Element. There is no General Common Element designated for RV's, boats, trailers, or commercial vehicles.  The Board knows that several residents have commercial "take-home" vehicles, either because they are "on call" or because their company provides this as a benefit. We can empathize but not authorize those vehicles to park in the community. 


Commercial vehicles are defined as:

a.  any vehicle used to store or sell food;
b.  any vehicle used for transporting lawn-care or landscaping equipment;
c.  any vehicle licensed for use as a common or contract carrier;
d.  vehicles for hire, such as limousines, hearses and taxis;
e.  a private or public school bus;
f.   any vehicle with ladders, ladder racks and/or glass racks attached to or stored on the outside of the vehicle
g.  any vehicle in or on which flammable liquids or hazardous materials are stored other that the fuel used by the vehicle itself;
h.  any vehicle with construction equipment visibly stored;
i.   wreckers, tow trucks, flatbed trucks, and stake body trucks;
j.   any vehicle with uncovered exterior logos, signs, lettering, numbers, advertising, or irregular and distinct coloring which creates the appearance of a commercial vehicle;
k.  any vehicle with commercial paraphernalia or equipment attached, strapped, or affixed to the exterior of the vehicle, including but not limited to storage containers or pipes;
l.   any vehicle with an excessive amount of commercial equipment or supplies within the interior of the vehicle which is in plain view from the sidewalk, including but not limited to pesticide, paint, paint buckets, propane, tanks, cabling, uncovered or unsecured tools or other supplies;
m. any vehicle which, because of its irregular height, length, shape, or weight, is not a conventional passenger car or truck and is more suited for a commercial purposes;
n.  any truck or van designated for the transport of furniture, equipment, animals, or scheduled transportation, such as moving vans;
o.  any agricultural, industrial, or similar machinery or equipment; OR
p.  any vehicle required by law to sound an alarm when the vehicle is operated in reverse