Door Window Replacements

Twin Lite Window Replacements for Front Entry Doors


Comes with both panes of glass and both frames for both inside and outside of the door.  Our door windows appear to measure 7" x 35" although the closest match found at this site measures 6" x 36".


From an owner:  We went to Allied Building and the windows are now considered a special order item and price is $50/window. Furthermore, they have changed the design of the frame and removed the extenders on the screw holes and made them thicker.  If the panes of glass are not perfectly adhered to each other (which all 4 we received were not) you will either have to shave/grind your door where the screws will be going, or shave down a good portion of the screw holes that house the threading to accommodate.  This was a frustrating process and found that the latter of the two was a little less time consuming.  In the first go around we shattered one of the windows (which Allied replaced) because the glass doesn't perfectly line up and found this consistent with all four of the windows we received.  It is either too hot where they are storing them and the adhesive is melting (causing the alignment shift) or a misstep in the manufacturing process.  (Posted on 7/18/2008.)



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