Door Replacements

Entry Door Replacement
ThermaTru fiberglass Smooth Star and steel Profiles and Traditions series fiberglass and steel entry doors that match existing River Oaks Condo door styles can be ordered through Johnson Lumber Co. or The Roof Center-Annapolis .  Click links above for more information on each door series.  Doors with glass have insulated, tempered, double-paned clear glass doorlites. All of these doors can be painted.
Here is an example of a Twin Half Lite 2 Panel Flush with Clear Glass door that closely matches some units in River Oaks.  Click the above links and use the tools to create a door that matches your door. The door style is 3.0 x 6.8 feet.

Garage Doors

There is a sticker on the inside right upper frame which should indicate that the door is made by Clopay.  From the pictures and description on the website, we believe that they are from the Value Series, single-layer heavy-duty, non-insulated steel. It may be possible to just buy replacement panels, not the whole door if only panel is dented or damaged. Here's the website.

They say that they are available through Home Depot or this list of dealers: