Storage Pods

Storage pods placed on the Limited and General Common Elements are governed by the By-Laws and also covered in the Parking Policies. The relevant portions of the By-Laws are excerpted below.


Prior approval for pods is required but will be generally be given for up to 7 days for pods placed in driveways or in an assigned parking space and one adjacent unassigned space. If additional time is needed, additional approval must be obtained.  Your cooperation and understanding are appreciated.  Questions should be directed to Mirga Dulys, Property Manager, VMI.


Article X, Use Restrictions, Section 3 - Prohibited Uses and Nuisances:


(c) There shall be no obstruction of any Common Elements. Nothing shall be stored upon any Common Elements, excepting those areas designated for storage of personal property by the Owners of the Condominium Units, without the approval of the Board of Directors.


(l) No furniture, toys and other structures shall be placed on front or side yards without prior approval.


(n) No structure of a temporary character, trailer, tent, shack, barn or other outbuilding, or basketball hoop, shall be maintained upon any Common Element or yard or driveway at any time.