Water Remediation Project

Click below to see the drawings of the water remediation project by street.  To see the details, increase the magnification on your screen to 100%.

Millhaven Court
Millhaven Drive
Tilden Way

Project Updates:

04/12/2016 - As soon as a contractor has been selected, the Board will hold a public meeting inviting each unit owner/resident from 206 Tilden Way to 238 Tilden Way to attend.  At that time, we will field questions relevant to specific units.  Write down any question you have and bring them to the meeting.  If you find out that it is impossible for you or your representative to be present, send your questions to Mirga Dulys at Victory Management and she will raise them on your behalf at the meeting.  We urge all residents to attend but especially those who live from 206 Tilden to 238 Tilden.  We will have a better timeline in about three weeks.

Essentially, fence sections from 206 through 238 Tilden Way will be removed, the existing 4" drain pipe that runs parallel to the retaining wall will be dug out and replaced with a 10" drain pipe and the amendments of the French style drain being constructed.  Each unit's downspouts will be connected via pipe into the new 10" drain pipe.

In preparation, unit residents will be asked to remove any extraneous material stored near the work areas.  Shrub, pavers, etc., will be moved along with the fence sections needing to be removed to gain access to the yards.  These will be replaced upon completion.  While due care will be taken by the crews, residents will be responsible for moving bikes, chairs, tables, grills, storage boxes, etc.m, out of the way for safekeeping. The community and the contractor will not be responsible for the safe storage of those items.