Emergency Leak Procedures

If you see water flowing where it doesn’t belong, follow the procedures below for immediate action. Subsequent action might be to contact VMI and/or your insurance company.


INSIDE your house FROM YOUR PLUMBING when you are home – shut off the main water valve and call a plumber.


ALL OTHER SITUATIONS – call the AACO Water Services Emergency number at 410-222-8400add it to your speed dial!

  • Leak is coming from inside a house into your house or from inside another house to the outside, e.g., from under the front door or garage door – knock on the door to see if someone can shut off the water from the inside but if no one answers, call 410-222-8400. They will shut off the water at the main meter.
  • Leak is coming from outside any house, e.g., water meter or yard, call 410-222-8400. They will shut off the water at the main meter.

Resale/Refinance Documents and Association Questionnaire

While most of the documents your mortgage company will need are posted somewhere on this website or the Victory Management website, the most up-to-date documents must be obtained via HomeWiseDocs. All other Association documents are also posted on HomeWise Docs and there is a fee scale for each document.  The requester must create a free account to obtain the documents if the copies on the River Oaks website are not acceptable to the mortgage


When a buyer gets a resale package from the seller, all open violations are included.  These items must be disclosed to the buyer and it is up to the buyer to read all the information or to clarify with Victory Management if they have any questions.  It is not unheard of that buyers get blind-sided because they were misinformed or not informed at all about violations.


The new owner can either accept those items to repair themselves and the items are transferred to the new owner, have the seller fix before closing or have the seller put money in escrow for the buyer to correct.  Just like any violation, the owner will receive the initial letter, if no response, a show cause and if no response still, a fine. This fine will remain until it is corrected. The Association will only pay for a repair and bill the owner in a "self-help" situation if there is a safety issue.  

This is why a resale package is so important and it must be current.   A resale package should be less than 30 days old at time of settlement. 

Management Company

Victory Management Inc. (VMI) is our property management company.  If you need assistance or have a question about the operation of the community, including landscaping, snow removal, architectural changes to individual properties, general common elements, or rules violations, your first point of contact is Mirga Dulys, Property Manager.  Click her name to send her an email.


Click on Victory Management Inc. to learn about the company and to see a list of their preferred vendors.

Victory Management Inc.
Address:  P.O. Box 1200, Stevensville, MD 21666
Telephone:  1-443-249-0172 extension 13 (Mirga Dulys) or extension 11 (Becca Cook)
Fax:  443-249-0011
After Hours Emergency Hotline:  1-410-288-7682

Click here for instructions on setting up your secure online account. This will allow you to pay your dues electronically, either by e-check automatic withdrawal or by single credit card or debit card payments.

FOUR ways to pay your monthly dues: 

1. e-check Automatic Withdrawal using Victory Management website

Money is electronically transferred from your selected bank account directly to the Association's bank account.  Benefits include secure, on-time payments and you choose any day between the 1st and the 15th of the month for the withdrawal.  No lost or delayed checks.


2. Credit Card using Victory Management website

Access your account on the Victory Management website and make a one-time electronic payment with credit card or debit card. Same benefits as e-check but you must remember to make the payment or you may incur a late fee if payment is not received before the 15th of the month.


3. Electronic banking through your own bank

Takes more time and has the same security risks as mailing in a coupon. If you set up online payments through YOUR bank (not via automatic withdrawal), your bank sends a PAPER CHECK to the association's bank which takes longer and can still get lost in the mail!


Bank routing number:  7021 00000100

Your account number is your address and street abbreviation:  TW (Tilden Way), BX (Braxton Way), MILL (Millhaven Court) and MD (Millhaven Drive).  Example:  215TW, 255BX, 8MILL, 2117MD. 


4. Mail in your coupon with payment

Least secure method, payments can be lost, delayed or stolen. Late fees may be incurred if payment is not received before the 15th of the month.


Payments c/o Victory Management
PO Box 1610
Commerce, GA 30529

Make checks payable to:  River Oaks Condominium Association, Inc.