Architectural Control & Landscaping

The Board and the property manager are responsible for overseeing and ensuring the attractive appearance of the General Common Elements and the quality of the work done by the community landscaping contractor.


In accordance with the By-Laws, the Board reviews and approves or rejects Architectural and Landscaping Change Applications (ACA) and delivers their decisions directly to the management company (Victory Management) and the unit owner.  The BOD will serve as the Appeals Board should a unit owner decide to appeal a decision made by the AC&L Committee.

Important Links

Architectural Rules and Regulations

Architectural Change Application

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Miss Utility

Plats & Site Plans

Home Maintenance Info -Floor plans, paint colors, replacement items, maintenance alerts, light fixtures, winterizing outdoor faucets, and duct damper controls.


Understanding Utility Easements
Utility Easements.pdf
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Tent Caterpillars-Ken's Tips
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Tree Trimming & Removal-Ken's Tips
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Lawn Establishment, Renovation & Overseeding
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