Preferred Trees & Shrubs

Bartlett Tree Service has assisted us in putting together this list of preferred trees and shrubs recommended for planting by unit owners in the front of the units and alongside the unit structure and sidewalks that will reduce future damage to walkways, buildings, and buried utilities. Miss Utility must be contacted prior to any digging.


Recommended Trees

Redbud (any Cercis variety)
Dogwood (Kousa variety recommended)
Crepe Myrtle (any variety) - see picture above
Japanese Maple (Cutleaf or Dwarf variety)


Not Recommended

Oaks, Honey Locust, Red Maples, Pears, Ash, Gum or large shade trees should be considered for removal and replanting with a small ornamental variety as listed above. These trees need lots of space and root growth to be properly maintained.


Recommended Shrubs

Nandina (ornamental bamboo)
Ornamental grasses
Columnar Boxwood
Small ornamental shrubs
Arborvitae **
Juniper Evergreens **
Euonymus **


** Use caution when planting Arborvitae, Juniper Evergreens and Euonymus. These can easily grow too big if not pruned 2-3 times per year to keep under control.  They are not recommended for planting in front of units to cover up the utility boxes, as they have thin dense root systems that span out well beyond the breadth of the shrub itself.


Grasses, roses, perennials, and annuals are recommended due to the ability to heavily cut these back during the winter season, thus easily maintaining size with little maintenance.


As always, any shrub or tree removal from, or addition to any unit landscaping must be preceded with an Architectural Change Application submitted to the Management Company.