Buildings & Common Areas

Let's keep our General Common Elements, parks, wooded areas, and other "strolling avenues" looking clean and creating a comfortable place to play or relax!


Building Plats & Site Plans


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Builder's Standard Features for Each Unit

AACO Property Maintenance Code


Landlords and owners should be aware that the Anne Arundel County Property Maintenance Code establishes minimum standards for existing residential structures and premises and is enforced by the Department of Health & Housing and Food Protection Program. The Housing and Food Protection Program responds to complaints and issues notices of violations and citations based on the following conditions: 

  • electrical problems
  • problems with exterior or interior housing maintenance
  • inadequate heating facilities
  • insect infestation
  • overcrowded housing conditions
  • plumbing problems
  • evidence of rats, mice or other rodents
  • failing septic systems/sewage overflows
  • stagnant water from abandoned swimming pools
  • presence of trash, garbage or refuse
  • vacant or abandoned dwellings open to casual entry
  • inadequate quality or quantity of water supplied

Clean and Green

Bottles and Cans:  There is a brand new trash receptacle in the Tot Lot.  One of our residents has volunteered to keep a bag in it and empty it on trash day.


Cigarette Butts:  We've noticed an increase in the debris in the Tot Lot, mostly cigarette butts.  PLEASE, if you smoke there, don't leave your butts around for the children to pick up and put in their mouths.  If  you see someone else leaving cigarette butts, please ask them to not do so.  It's also unsightly for the adults who bring their kids there or who walk their dogs.  If we expect people to clean up after their pets, we can expect them to clean up after themselves.  All of us working together makes a difference! Thanks for your help!


Dog Stations:  Dog Waste Stations are stocked with plastic bags for your convenience.  Please use these stations for their intended purpose.  If you see someone abusing them or not picking up after their pet, please notify the Board and Victory Management via the links on the Contact page.


Here is a list of our dog waste station locations - please use them!

  1. Millhaven Court Island
  2. Millhaven drive opposite Millhaven Ct at the sediment pond
  3. Millhaven Dr near path into the Open Area and Tot Lot
  4. Millhaven and Tilden at the Tot Lot
  5. Behind 2110 Millhaven Dr in the GCE overlooking The Landings’ sediment pond
  6. Braxton and Millhaven at the Braxton Park
  7. Braxton and Cromarty at the Braxton Park
  8. End of Braxton in the GCE between 284 and 285

Feeding the Birds and the Squirrels

Some owners have reported squirrel damage to furniture on decks and to deck railings, and squirrels leaping up and clinging to window screens.  These occurrences are most likely related to bird feeders (that use seeds) on decks that attract the squirrels, and then feeding the squirrels to encourage them to return.  Neither of these practices is a good idea, and in the case of bird feeders on decks, is actually prohibited.  Please note the following information provided by Peggy Donald, our Newsletter Editor and wildlife aficionado.  Bottom line - please remove bird feeders from decks and please don't feed the squirrels.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!


Feeding the Birds

Nearly everybody loves birds for their colorful plumage and cheery song. But bird feeders, which are great for drawing these feathery friends close to your window for easy viewing, also encourage birds to want to live nearby, and also nest nearby.  Birds become pests if they roost by the hundreds in trees, or, worse yet,  build their nests by jamming twigs and grasses behind the decorative trim above your windows! 

That's probably the thinking behind the By-Laws  Article X, Use Restrictions, Section (n) that prohibits bird feeders:  "No bird feeders, bird baths, clothing, laundry or the like shall be hung from any part of any Unit or upon any of the Common Elements or from or upon any balcony or patio..."  As you can see, a strict reading of the By-Laws shows they don't prohibit feeding wildlife WITHOUT the use of a bird feeder, and they don't prohibit placing feeders out in your own yard. 

Feeding the Squirrels
But that brings up another drawback of bird feeders, which is that they attract squirrels. Occasionally referred to as "rats with good PR," squirrels occasionally gnaw their way into attic spaces, where they invariably find electric wiring to be a novel treat. Short of that, they have been known to become territorial in yards and decks where bird feeders are located. Believe me, it's no fun to be menaced by a squirrel who sees you as coming between itself and its food source! You may think that's as funny as the image of Jimmy Carter smacking a rabbit with his paddle to keep it from climbing aboard his canoe, but if you're bitten or scratched, you'll end up facing not-so-funny decisions about rabies.

You might prevent damage to your house, yourself, and your neighbors' houses by keeping birds and wildlife at arm's length.  And if you do feed the birds out there in your yard, your watching experience can be enhanced by adding a squirrel baffle to your bird feeder. It can be very entertaining to watch the critters try to think their way around a device designed by man. Our wooded areas provide enough food to support a reasonable squirrel population and keep their foraging away from our homes and trash cans.

Parks - Tot Lot & Braxton Park

Tot Lot Hours:  The Tot Lot is open from dawn until dusk.  Signs are posted at either end of the Tot Lot. 

Street Lights

If any lights on your street are not working, please call BGE at 1-410-685-0123 and ask for a repair.  You will be asked to provide the pole number, which is on the pole.


The management company received a list of pole numbers from BGE but it is very hard to read.

Light Pole Map ROCA.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 590.7 KB

Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs in our General Common Elements are a precious resource which contribute significantly to the beauty of our community.  If you see a damaged tree or shrub, please report it to the Chairman of the Architectural Control & Landscaping Committee.