Help Wanted/Offered

Here are free "help" services offered by, and "help wanted" requests from, River Oaks residents.

Snake Removal

Please be advised that we apparently live in “snake country.”  Snakes have been seen inside the foyers of a couple of homes on Millhaven Court due to proximity to the pond. Most snakes are harmless to humans and actually beneficial, as they eat vermin. One resident found one on her deck and it vacated as soon as it saw her. When they're found outside, most naturalists would recommend leaving them alone, not bothering them, or, worse, killing them.  They'll move on. It’s just startling and scary to many people. For inside removal, you can call 911 and ask for animal control or call 410-222-8900. If you see a snake in your yard or your house and need help moving/removing it, these neighbors have volunteered to help you: 


John Sollers, 270 Braxton Way, 301-343-5004, John wrote:  "I would be happy to assist with snake removal if I am home or in the area.  I am not a "snake removal expert" but snakes don't bother me much (unless it's a rattlesnake, LOL)"


James Jeffrey Cotter, 262 Braxton Way,  Jeff wrote:  "I had one in my yard and hope it stays because I have never seen a mouse or rat or sign from either. If someone feels a need to kill one I will try to get it for them.  I really can’t commit to be able to do it all the time as "snake catcher in chief" but I will lend a hand when I can."